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Zachary Richard’s Hometown Hosts Acadian Heritage Week

The first Acadian Heritage Week took place the week of September 12th - 19th in Zachary Richard’s hometown of Scott, LA. The event was organized by the Committee for Acadian Heritage Week, which is chaired by Zachary. This year’s events included special presentations at the Acadian Memorial in St. Martinville and the Acadian Museum in Erath, a Cajun music workshop, student art contests and an Acadian Film and Video Festival, which included Zachary's own documentary film, Against the Tide. An Acadian history coloring book was published for the event, and is now available for purchase at The week concluded with a jam session.

During the press conference announcing Acadian Heritage Week, Zachary spoke of the purpose of the event as a collective celebratation of the contributions of Acadians. He said the programs were designed to explore the tenacity and tolerance of the Acadian people who settled in Louisiana after the brutal deportation by the British from their homes in Acadia, which is now Nova Scotia.

Zachary expressed his hope that Acadian Heritage Week will become an annual event, acting as a catalyst to help integrate the history of Acadians into the Louisiana state history curriculum. “We don’t know our own history,” Zachary said.
Zachary Richard
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